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Designed to fit horizontal cabinet openings of 12.5” or greater
Quick Five Minute Installation
Compostable Bio Bags for home or pets
Rugged high strength design
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The “Kitchen Compost Caddy” is a green food waste storage system now in its second generation for 2016. We have happy customers now using our product in well over 45,000 homes and businesses throughout the world since our introduction in 2012. Our food waste collection system provides households and businesses participating in residential composting programs, gardeners, and farmers, a way to store their compost bin onto the inside of a cabinet door at a convenient height beneath the kitchen sink. Our customers typically choose one of two styles of our Kitchen Compost Caddy Cabinet Mounted Compost Systems If they prefer their food waste bucket hidden away. Conversely, some choose to store their pail on the counter top by purchasing our Kitchen Compost Caddy Vented Compost only. Both offer great solutions to collect food scraps for disposal and collection as required by their local municipality, for garden composting, or to feed chickens or livestock.

Once installed, you are able to lock the lid in the open position with a rare earth magnet mounted to the exterior of vented lid. With a flip of the hand, the neodymium magnet is released from the upper metal support of our bracket and gravity drops the lid closed. Our reinforced and rugged 100% virgin plastic compost bucket slides onto the Kitchen Compost Caddy rack and is fully supported in three places: Beneath the bucket by our “V” shaped bottom support. (Supports the weight within the bucket) and from the back of the bucket, (2 support tabs affix the bucket to the main horizontal support of our rack). The compost bucket can easily be removed from the rack by sliding it upwards and off the rack for ease of cleaning or emptying. To replace the bucket, simply slide the bucket back over the (2) mounting tabs located on the upper metal bracket support while the bottom of the bucket drops effortlessly into the “V” shaped bottom support located at the bottom of our rack system

Welcome City of Beaverton residents now receiving your new Beaverton Composts food waste pail supplied by The City of Beaverton & Kitchen Compost Caddy.  The accessory items shown in the brochure included with your new food waste pail will enhance and simplify collection of food waste in your kitchen. Our accessory items will allow you to cabinet mount, properly line, and reduce food waste odor within your new Beaverton Composts food waste pail. Each of the items listed in the brochure can be found below in under accessories or by clicking on the Beaverton Composts Products button.

We offer two optional styles for our Kitchen Compost Caddy Cabinet Mounted Compost System’s. Our Kitchen Compost Caddy which allows cabinet mounting of our food waste pail only or our Kitchen Compost Caddy with storage for compost bags. For dimensional questions and consideration; Please review the Kitchen Compost Caddy System sales drawings which you will find located within the images provided following the selection of the Kitchen Compost Caddy design style that most suits your needs and taste.

Now Selling Bio Bags

We now distribute a variety of BioBag products for your composting needs. BioBag 3 gallon bags for use with our Vented Compost Bucket, Biobag 13 gallon bags for use with your kitchen garbage receptacle, and Biobag Dog Waste bags for your pet waste collection.

Three Bio Bags


I bought your Kitchen Compost Caddy at the Alberta Street Fair on Saturday. I installed it today, so simple. It’s fantastic to stand at my counter, reach down, open the cabinet door – lock the lid up and slide everything into the compost pail. The Bucket easily comes off rack for cleaning and emptying. Originally I wondered if the investment was worth it…TOTALLY!

Now instead of being grouchy about composting…bending, lifting, opening the lid, hiding the bucket back under the sink…I am happy to do it! Added bonus…it’s the right height and secure enough that our 3 year old daughter can do her own composting! Thanks for inventing something that makes my everyday life that much easier!

We use the Kitchen Compost Caddy both at work and at home. One at work for the stylists to use, and two at home for our personal use. It is really nice to not have to keep the compost bins on our countertop. We love that the lid is able to be locked open so we do not have to continually lift it while prepping our food. And that is hangs nicely in our cabinet, tucked away and out of sight. Also it is so simple to remove and replace the compost bucket for cleaning and emptying.

I love your product; so easy to use and convenient too, not to mention leaving much more room under the kitchen sink! I hope your business continues to thrive. I will talk it up.

I was at my wits’ end as to where to put the bin – it was in the way and as such I struggled to remember to use it. This will work out so much better for me! Thanks for the home delivery! I’ve already told two people about the excellent experience I had with the entire order!

Great product and a significant improvement over another competing model. Fruit flies and odors are non-existent. I love some of the design features: little shelf to hold the compost bags and the latch to hold the lid open. Installation was a breeze.

I LOVE my Kitchen Compost Caddy! I’ve never been a fan of storing compost on the counter top and it’s the perfect solution. Out of sight, out of mind but there when you need it and easy to use! We feed our compost to our chickens every morning, and the caddy is easy to remove from its mount and has a convenient handle for carrying out to our girls. I would highly recommend the Kitchen Compost Caddy to composters everywhere!

THE BEST NEW PRODUCT I HAVE PURCHASED IN YEARS. I found you at the Belmont Street Fair and immediately purchased one after seeing all the advantages of the product. Ability to mount the bucket inside the cabinet at a perfect height, a latch to hold the lid open for plate scraping, ability to remove and replace the bucket on the rack easily, a vented lid and carbon filter to keep the moisture, mold & smells away, a storage compartment to store my BioBags, attractive, solid metal construction… All wrapped up in one wonderful problem solving product. I Can’t wait to purchase these for friends and family over the holidays!!!

I bought this at a Home show we went to on Sunday. People in Portland were given little buckets to put their compostable stuff in. But they sell the buckets too. The product is more esthetic and acceptable for my husband and daughter than my bowl of garbage that I had on the counter. And it’s made right here in Portland OR. Local stuff!

I’ve been a very happy and satisfied customer and user of my Kitchen Compost Caddy for the past year. It fits perfectly inside my kitchen cabinet next to my trash. I find I compost a lot more than I ever did before. And the folks at the company are very responsive when I need to reorder supplies. This product is genius! Everyone should be using one.

One morning I thought, it sure would be handy to just stick that old ugly bucket thing, the city gave me for my compost on the cabinet door. Then, Rick and I went to the Home and Garden show… Ha! I found your product. Hangs my bucket, has a vented lid, carbon filter, and gets it the bucket off the counter and out of sight. Perfect!

Thanks guys your product is fantastic!

This was the only thing worth buying at the Home and Garden Show!!!! It is soooo coool!!! You get a vented lid with carbon filter and the mounting bracket for under your counter out of site… Why didn’t I think of this!!!

This product is FABULOUS!! Oh my goodness, we had been looking for something to accept compost in the kitchen, without it having to be a counter accessory. There were plenty of pretty ceramic and metal containers, but all had to be set out on the counter. There were also larger compost bins that could sit under the counter in a cabinet, but we have minimal space for those. This one is perfect!!!!

I am so happy with my Kitchen Compost Caddy!!! I like everything about it, ease of use, off the kitchen counter, taking the compost container on and off the caddy, the lever for keeping the lid open when I want to put compost material directly into the compost container, the ventilated lid with the carbon filter. Everything about this Caddy system makes the compost collection easier. The other thing is the company’s good customer service and product improvements. WORTH EVERY PENNY WE PAID FOR IT!!