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In October of 2012 Portland Oregon first instituted their “Portland Composts” curbside food waste compost collection program. All residents were provided a 2 gallon compost bucket, along instructional materials detailing how to properly dispose of their food waste.

Change is never easy, and many Portland residents became frustrated with the container which was provided by the city, and all the changes which they would have to make in their daily lives collecting and disposing of food waste.

Peeling cucumber into bucket
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When I retrieved the city provided bucket from my front porch, my first thoughts were: “I don’t want this compost bucket sitting on my kitchen counter top. My space is limited, and this bucket is just not attractive.” And: “I wish there was a way to stow the bucket in a more convenient and user friendly place.” Once we began to use the bucket on the counter top, we became frustrated with the height of the bucket on the counter top when scraping our food scraps into it, along with the repetitive opening and closing of the lid, and the associated banging noise that came from the lid each time it fell open. After using the bucket on the counter for a few weeks, we also began to notice the fouls smells coming from the bucket as the food scraps sat decomposing at room temperature.

I thought along with a better way to mount a bucket under the counter, there should be a way to lift the lid and latch it in the open position. This way a person could scrape food scraps into the bucket from a more convenient height, peel vegetables directly into it, and prepare a meal being able to easily toss food debris into the bucket all with the lid latched in the open position. Then with a flip of the lid by your finger, gravity would drop the door closed and you could shut the cabinet door.

As you can tell, an idea for a new and better product was born. We began designing our “Kitchen Compost Caddy,” as we decided to name it. Along with addressing the other frustrations we referenced, we decided the Kitchen Compost Caddy should offer an optional storage shelf located beneath the bucket, for storage of compost bags. My final thought was our product had to do something about the foul odor coming from the bucket, which would get even worse in the hot summer months. We could cure the problem by offering a vented lid on our bucket combined with an activated carbon filter mounted to the underside of the lid. Moisture and heat escape through the vents in our lid keeping the bucket and its contents dry. While the activated carbon filter absorbs odors coming from the food, keeping the kitchen odor free.

Now in our second product generation, this following several designs, prototypes, patent and trademark applications, and testing in various Portland kitchens. We now have a thriving business with an installed base of well over 45,000 Kitchen Compost Caddies scattered throughout the world. A product designed and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest, designed to make food waste collection for environmentally conscious homeowners effortless.

We hope the Kitchen Compost Caddy will be coming to your kitchen soon.

Jeff Evans

Kitchen Compost Caddy