Designed to fit horizontal cabinet openings of 12.5” or greater
Quick Five Minute Installation
Compostable Bio Bags for home or pets
Rugged high strength design
Amazon™ ***** Rating since 2012

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  • How to order – Installation

Step 1

Review our two design styles offered & consult our Kitchen Compost Caddy System sales drawings  located amongst the photos found for each of our two design choices. Choose the design style which most appeals to you. Measure you’re cabinet opening and interior looking for possible obstructions. Example: Garbage disposal interference, or undersized cabinet door opening. Our Kitchen Compost Caddy Cabinet Mounted Bin System is designed to fit horizontal cabinet openings of 13” or greater.


Step 2

Once your New Kitchen Compost Caddy has arrived. Carefully follow the installation instructions outlined in the Kitchen Compost Caddy Installation & Product Guide provided.  Install the Kitchen Compost Caddy cabinet mounting rack to your cabinet door interior utilizing the 2 mounting screws provided.




Step 3

Mount the Vented Compost Pail onto your Kitchen Compost Caddy Cabinet mounting rack by simply sliding the food waste pail downward onto the pail mounting tabs while also making sure the bottom of the pail rests in the bottom “V” support.  The bottom “V” support firmly secures the pail to the cabinet door while minimizing lateral movement of the pail when the cabinet door is opened and closed.  Additionally our “V” support provides critical support for the weight of the food waste contained in the pail.